Commercial Restaurant Laundry Service

Whether you serve pizza at a mom and pop diner or Wagyu steaks at a five star restaurant, the common denominator is that your linens are going to get dirty. No matter how refined the customer, sauces still splash, drinks still spill, bread still crumbles. Tablecloths and linen napkins are bound to get stained. If you use our restaurant laundry service then you don't have to worry about those pesky food stains.

PB Laundry Services will pick up all your laundry from your restaurant and launder it for you. We will wash whatever you need laundered - uniforms, chair covers, linen napkins, tablecloths, aprons and more. We will wash everything according to your specifications and return the items back to you, ready to be used. 

You already have enough responsibilities running your restaurant, let us lighten your load by doing your laundry for you.